For clients looking to grow in the Japanese market through M&A, we offer local due diligence and corporate valuations services.

For clients looking to expand their customer base, strengthen sales networks, expand markets, diversify their businesses, or otherwise strengthen operations in the Japanese we offer a range of M&A services.

Due diligence services

For companies looking to purchase or sell as part of an M&A, business reorganization, or other transaction in the Japanese market, we provide a detailed third party evaluation of their financial and tax standings.

Corporate stock valuation

We provide third party valuations of potential targets of M&As, business revitalizations and reorganizations in Japan, to aid decision-making and fulfill shareholder responsibilities.

Due diligence services

  • Due diligence services, Financial due diligence
    • Net assets
    • Profit structure
    • Profitability
  • Tax due diligence
    • Latent tax risk
    • Verify past tax filings
    • Tax implications of an acquisition
  • Corporate stock valuation services
    • Assess corporate stock value
    • Customize evaluation methods