Our one-stop set-up and on-going Fund Administration services simplify administering funds in Japan

Our one-stop turnkey service simplifies every aspect of administering a fund, from planning, design and set-up, through to on-going management, and liquidation if required.

ASA has built a strong record of providing fund administration for clients who are major players in the financial and banking industries. Our services cover two major aspects of fund administration: set-up, and on-going management services.

Fund set-up services

We provide a full range of services for the establishment of financial vehicles, including advising on local regulatory issues and filings, articles of incorporation, registration formalities, opening a bank account, arranging public notification, and other affairs as required. We can also provide an official registered address, and the official officers required to establish the financial vehicle.

On-going fund administration services

Among our core competencies is the day-to-day management for fund administration including accounting, bookkeeping, preparation and submission of financial statements, business reports, and investor reports, preparation and filing of corporate tax, consumption tax, resident tax and business tax returns, and all paperwork associated with employee taxes. We also provide custody and administration of primary documentary records.

To facilitate reporting our electronic data management and reporting services range from advice on IT development, creation of a receivables management system and IT audit services, to the collection, management and analysis of data relating to securitizable assets.

Liquidation services

On the dissolution of a financial entity, we can take care of official and public notifications, registration formalities, and any other affairs that need to be handled.

  • Set-up services:
    • Tax planning & advice
    • Financial advisory services
    • Incorporation assistance services
  • Ongoing services:
    • Directorships/Registered address
    • Tax return preparation
    • Accounting and reporting
    • Cash management
    • Audit liaison
    • Corporate Secretarial