We provide a wide range of financial advisory services to smooth investment and doing business in Japan.

For overseas companies and high net worth individuals entering the Japanese market we provide one-stop financial advisory services to make the initial investment and ongoing management as smooth as possible. We apply our intimate knowledge of the market to identifying opportunities, consulting on optimizing financial arrangements, introductions to financial institutions, and all legal, regulatory and financial requirements for buying and managing assets in Japan.

Financial advisor/facilitator

When setting up a company, project, or investment, we leverage our network to introduce appropriate financial and regulatory institutions, provide references, and offer all the support required to fulfill application requirements.

Project/asset finance

For overseas companies and high net worth individuals entering the Japanese market, we can provide assistance with introductions to appropriate financial organizations for project and investment finance.

Asset management

We provide the specialist financial and legal services required to manage various assets in Japan, including real estate, derivatives, securities, and receivables/non-receivables. Our specialist real estate/asset management team can assist with all aspects of inbound investment.

  • Financial advisor/facilitator
    • Market entry and investment analysis
    • Identifying opportunities
    • Tax advice
    • Consulting on regulatory environment
    • Consulting on legal and tax requirements
    • Introduction to financial institutions
  • Project/asset finance
    • Project and investment finance
    • Professional services including judicial scrivener
    • Human resources support
    • Legal advice
    • Advice on tax
  • Real estate and asset management
    • Land and building appraisal
    • Securitization
    • Registration
    • Building development
    • Real estate transactions
    • Securities
    • Derivatives