We provide a one-stop office in Japan for accounting and financial services, from support for everyday business operations to consulting on custom solutions.

At ASA, we apply our ISQ values to supply high quality services based on the renowned Japanese service mentality, with meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to compliancy, total confidentiality and trust.

Building on 21 years of solid growth, the experience and expertise of our bilingual professionals ensure we are well positioned to guide international companies and investors through the unique business and regulatory environment of the Japanese market.

Our services cover the various needs of international companies setting up and operating in the Japanese market:
  • Support for setting up and running day-to-day business operations, including accounting, taxation and financials.
  • Specialist consulting services that require custom solutions, often to meet specific business and market requirements.

As many of the solutions go hand-in-hand, we offer one-stop turnkey services for companies for all aspects of accounting, taxation, and reporting operations, for setting up, running and even liquidating a business.