July 2010

We at the Aoyama Sogo Accounting Office place strategic expansion of overseas businesses and strategic assistance to Japan-based businesses as one of the important strategies in our medium- to long-term basic management policy. Based on this, we conducted the following reorganization on July 1:
  1. Support for Overseas Investment

    By incorporating the Global Investment Division of ASA Business Development (ABD), a Group company, into Aoyama Sogo Accounting Office's Global Advisory Group, we will consolidate expertise on cross-border transactions and overseas investment projects and improve operational efficiency. Thus, we will be able to provide our clients with services that have even greater added value.

  2. Support for Japan-based Businesses

    As a member company of the Aoyama Sogo Accounting Office Group, ASA Business Development (ABD) has made the utmost use of networks it has built up mainly in the financial industry. In addition, since it was spun off in July 2008, it has provided support in fields such as business matching and extension of markets for clients' business operations as well as in accounting and tax-related fields such as business rehabilitation, M&A's, funding, corporate valuation, and business succession. This time, we are aiming to provide support to a range of organizations from Japan-based businesses to multinational corporations, whether large or small, and help ensure the continuation of their business. We will do this by reorganizing the Management Support Division into the Financial Advisory Service Division and Business Support Division and clarifying its activities. At the same time, we will newly establish the Healthcare Business Support Division and further move forward with a variety of services.

    Each Group company will produce synergistic effects and develop its business. We in the Group will work as one to be able to provide services that meet client needs and move forward with our business strategy. We would greatly appreciate your continued support.

Koichi Yokoyama
CEO, ASA Group

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