A custom-tailored approach ensures our services align perfectly with an individual client's needs and circumstances

Takeover the in-house operations for managing and reporting the fund status for a foreign-owned fund, without any disruption in service.
Shared a server connected via a dedicated line to remotely access various systems to provide seamless continuity in services. Subsequently, developed an in-house covenant management system to streamline reporting of covenant check results.
Smooth continuity of management and reporting of fund status and covenant check results, freeing our client to concentrate on their core business.
ISQ Feature
Applied ISQ to create a custom-tailored solution which required the development of a new in-house system to meet our client's specific needs.

Streamlining fund administration operations

ASA was contracted to manage an SPC that was created to streamline the operations of a foreign-owned fund, by taking over operations that had previously been undertaken in-house. By sharing a server connected via a dedicated line and remotely accessing various systems, we were able to assume responsibility for the operating environment from our client without any major changes, enabling us to smoothly take over management of the SPC, which included dozens of companies.

By maintaining continuity in the operation of the original operating environment, we are able to continue reporting fund status using the existing process.

A specialist team creates customized solutions

In addition to providing normal accounting services such as bookkeeping, tax filings, and payments on behalf of its clients, this case is unique in that we provided loan administration services to control a covenant. We took advantage of this contract to deconstruct our internal task management system and develop a fully functional covenant management system, which allows us to report covenant check results to our client.

Currently, a specialized team in ASA is responsible for our loan administration services, and we are able to accept contracts for this range of services alone if clients so desire.