The experience and expertise of our staff enable us to meet the diverse demands of providing cross-border services for global companies.

At ASA, we pride ourselves on the expertise and experience of our talented staff who enable to us to live up to our client-focused ISQ values. Their qualifications and expertise enable us to meet the diverse demands of cross-border services in today's global market.

Robust skill sets

Our ASA staff includes over 30 license holders for CPAs and certified public tax accountants. In addition, we actively recruit talented bilingual individuals to better service our growing roster of international clients and communication with authorities in different jurisdictions.

Compact specialist teams

To enhance response and efficiency, our people work in small specialist teams that meet very specific demands, from daily accounting and processing needs to one-off consultancy projects.

As demand for specific services grow, we build new teams to fulfill them. A good example is the expertise we have brought together in our Asset Management team, to handle all the financial, tax and many of the legal requirements for international buyers and owners of Japanese real estate.

Leadership team

    • Kazuhiro Matsuzawa
    • Founding Partner & Chairman
    • Certified Public Accountant / Licensed Tax Accountant

    • Kazuhiro Matsuzawa is an ASA founder. Over the years he has been instrumental in guiding its consistent growth. His specialist fields include SPC administration in structured finance including financial assets, real estate, WBS, and more. He has been serving as a director for numerous private funds and a supervisory officer for a private REIT.

      He became a Representative Partner of ASA in November 2013, and actively supervised ASA's domestic and global services. In October 2018, he assumed responsibility as the Chairman and focuses on enhancing ASA’s corporate presence.

    • Masaki Aguni
    • Founding Partner & CEO
    • Certified Public Accountant / Licensed Tax Accountant
    • Masaki Aguni served as COO of ASA since its founding in 1999. Bilingual and outward looking, he is the driving force behind ASA's growth in cross-border services, evolving ASA's organization and human resources to meet the rapidly changing challenges of clients and markets. His specialist areas include structured finance, financial assets, real estate, and cross-border deals.
      He became a Representative Partner of ASA in November 2013, and CEO in October 2018. As the CEO he is in charge of all internal operations.

ASA Outside Director

    • Tadahiro Sakamoto

ASA Corporate Officers

    • Jun Yoshioka
    • Licensed Tax Accountant
    • Hirokazu Ando
    • Toshihiko Hatta
    • Satoshi Yonekawa
    • Hirohide Sato
    • Auditor

ASA Outside Advisors

    • Kiyoshi Kawamura
    • Aoba Business Consulting Ltd.