Specialist companies in the ASA Group enable us to meet each client's unique needs with targeted services and solutions.

Over the years the ASA Group has created specialist companies to meet the evolving needs of clients. While each unit's independence enables it to better focus on their specialist field, together they enable us to provide our clients with one-stop, custom-tailored solutions.

    • ASA Global Inc.
    • Established: 2008
      Director/Group CEO: Kazuhiro Matsuzawa

    The ASA group's holding company is responsible for strategic planning and execution for the whole ASA group. It is pro-active in anticipating changing market needs, and using the versatile group structure to ensure we have the resources to meet them.

    • Aoyama Sogo Accounting Firm Co., Ltd.
    • Established: 1999
      Director/Group CEO: Kazuhiro Matsuzawa

    Our core business, it provides cross-border financial, accounting, and taxation services and consulting to local and international companies operating in the Japanese market, and Japanese companies operating in global markets.

    It also provides specialist services and custom-tailored solutions to meet specific client and market needs, including securitization services, support for cross-border business, maritime services, PE fund arrangement services and more.

    • ASA Asset Management Co., Ltd.
    • Established: 2008
      President: Hiroyoshi Iida

    ASA Asset Management provides the asset management services required to manage various assets in Japan, including real estate.

    Our real estate team offers the appropriate skills, qualifications, licenses and network to facilitate all facets of real estate investment in Japan.

    • Aoyama Sogo Tax Corporation (Formerly named: Aoyama Sogo Licensed Tax Accountants' Corporation)
    • Established: 2005
      Representative partner: Kazuhiro Matsuzawa

    • Aoyama Sogo Accounting Office Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    • Established: 2011
      Representative: Junichi Naganawa

    Our Singapore subsidiary provides international support and tax advisory services, together with specialist maritime services.

    • ASA IFRS Service Inc.
    • Established: 2012
      Representative: Toshio Kiyomatsu, Kenji Hanazawa

    Provides financial reporting services for international companies, converting Japan GAAP to IFRS on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis as required.